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Client Loyalty Programs

We offer two loyalty programs.  The first is our Vaccine Loyalty Program and the other is our Loyalty Card.

Vaccine Loyalty Program

This program was launched March 1, 2012.  We want to reward our clients for keeping up with their pet's basic healthcare needs.  For each year your pet has their annual examination and vaccines done on time (within 30 days of the due date) you will receive 5% off any vaccines that are due that year.  Each subsequent year that you continue to be on time the percent off increases by another 5%.  This is in addition to any incentive pricing for being on a Wellness plan-we will allow you to "double dip"!  Just imagine if you were on time every year for 10 years, you would be receiving 50% off the cost of your pet's vaccinations.  Another advantage to you is that there is nothing you need to do to keep track of this discount.  We take care of that for you.  All you need to do is to schedule your pet's annual examination and vaccines within 30 days of their due date.  This program starts right away so if you come in this year on time for your pet's vaccines you will receive the 5% off this year's vaccinations.  

Loyalty Card Program

This is a program similar to the punch cards that many area businesses offer.  With our program you earn 1 point for each $10 spent and you can redeem those points earned for savings on future purchases.  You will receive $1 savings for every 10 points you have accumulated towards the purchases of products or services of your choice.  The points do not expire but you do need to keep your card and bring it in to each visit.  You must have the card present in order to redeem points.

We are handing these cards out at each appointment or purchase made.  If we happen to miss giving it to you, please ask for your card or if you have any questions about how the program works feel free to ask. Any of our team members will be happy to help you.

We appreciate our clients and value your loyalty to our clinic.  We are happy to introduce this program as a way of saying "thank you" for continuing to choose us!

Don't forget about our Wellness Care Programs - While not a true "loyalty program" the plans we have developed and used over the last 13 years have really helped pets stay happy, healthy, and comfortable AND have saved their owners money.