Grooming Services


My name is Linda Slinden and I have been the Professional Pet Groomer here at Companions since December 2000. I believe a clean, attractive, healthy pet is a happy pet. I will pamper your pet with a thorough combing/brushing, pet-a-cure, ear cleaning, massaging shampoo, clipping and styling to complement your pet's appearance.

As a Professional Pet Groomer I dedicate myself to having one on one time with each and every pet to ensure that they each receive tender loving care. I strive for the highest standards in the quality of my grooming. I guarantee that I will make the care and safety of my clients' pet my first priority. I treat my pet owner clients with the respect and consideration they deserve. I see to it that every pet put in my care is always treated humanely and with love. I do not consider what I do as a Professional Groomer a job; I look at it as a passion. My understanding and love for animals goes deeper than anyone could imagine. I feel that outside the family, the Professional Groomer is one of the closest persons to the pet. As a Professional Groomer, I see your pets on a regularly monthly or bimonthly basis, and in many instances I feel as though I'm the surrogate owner. A close bond between the family and the pet often means a close bond between the family and the groomer. I truly cherish the time I get to spend making every pet look its best.

The dictionary definition of the word professional is "one skilled in a profession, craft or art". Professionalism is defined as "the methods, manner or spirit of profession; also its practitioners". I greatly feel that Professional Groomers (like myself) fit this definition well. Good ones are certainly skilled in the art of dog grooming, and certainly conduct themselves professionally. Most dog groomers, myself included, must undergo as much training and education as human hair stylists. Canine beauty culture demands as much artistic skill as the human counterpart (some groomers contend even more).

I have put together some before and after pictures I hope you will enjoy seeing. I wouldn't be able to perform my artistic skills on pets if it wasn't for my outstanding clientele. Thank you all for your loyalty and trust with your four-legged family member. For potential new clients, I look forward to meeting you and your pet.