Daycare & Grooming

Do you need someone to look after your pet during the day? Could your furry friend use a pampering session?

Why not trust the skilled, compassionate team at Companions Animal Hospital? We’ve got all of the amenities and perks needed to manage your pet’s general care needs. Our full-service daycare includes comfortable accommodations, space for playtime and exercise, and plenty of TLC from our loving team members. Meanwhile, our professional grooming services will have your animal friend looking and feeling great! We also welcome your exotic pets and will be sure they feel right at home with us.

Daycare services

Our spacious boarding kennels accommodate pets of all sizes and provide as comfortable a day-stay as possible. Each day your cat or dog will be cared for by a friendly face he or she is already familiar with from our loving and experienced staff.  Alternatively, you can purchase a 5-pack and use over multiple weeks.  Our guests enjoy a number of amenities, including but not limited to:

  • Individual housing
  • Temperature-controlled areas dedicated specifically to either cats or dogs
  • Dogs are walked individually and have the option to participate in group play
  • Cages are sanitized daily
  • Fresh water is always available
  • Clean bedding is provided and changed regularly
  • Cats have their own area away from the dogs to play and stretch their legs
  • We can administer any medication or provide special care your pet needs

Let our daycare services provide you with a safe and fun place for your pet while you run errands or go to work. We also take care of your exotic pets, including birds, reptiles and more. Remember, you can pay per day or buy a multiday package for a little extra savings! Contact us today to schedule your companion’s next day-stay with us!

Grooming services

Our Groomer-extraordinarie, Lacy Kroska, is a professionally trained groomer with more than 15 years of experience. She is certified in Low Stress Handling, trained in Cat-Friendly practices and skilled in professional grooms with exceptional attention to detail. She prioritizes your pet’s well-being and strives to make the process positive for all pets with the goal of helping them acclimate and learn to love coming to the spa!

Lacy can provide cooperative care, such as grooming or shaving a pet while under anesthesia for those that have behavioral issues. We also have a vet on-site during grooming in case a pet has a medical emergency or a condition we need to be mindful of.

All grooms include:

  • High-quality shampoo
  • Massaging bath
  • Blow-dry
  • Up to 15 min. of brushing and combing
  • Nail trim
  • External anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Full haircut of your choice

Additional services available upon request:

  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Nail grinding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated bath
  • Deshed treatments and additional brushing
  • Dematting
  • Scissor finishes

Regular grooms are part of maintaining your pet’s health and helps them feel their best. We groom all breeds of dogs as well as cats and have convenient times for you to drop off and pick up your pet.

Please call our office to schedule a grooming appointment or to further discuss your pet’s needs!